Hero Age - RPG classic

30 reviews


Developer - Gnik Box
Version - 1.0f5
Installs - 10,000+
Updated - 24.05.2019
Truly RPG Classic game with amazing upgrade system, skill tree


This is the world of hero and ancient. You will become a hero to protect your continent.

- Knight: powerful with melee skill, he uses sword to attack monsters.
- Wizard: powerful with magic skill, he uses staff and magic skill to attack monsters in wide range.
- Archer: powerful with archery skill, she uses bow to shot enemies.
- Magic Knight: powerful with magic sword, he can use both melee and magic skill.

Your hero can use many kind of weapon, armor set. Each class has different item, skill tree.

Your continent has many land to train, hunt. Each land has many kind of monster, each monster has different skill and strength.

This is truly RPG game, you will see Health potion and Mana potion in game. Train your character and level up, hunt monsters to receive jewel or rune to upgrade item. There is the leaderboard to show up your power, your achievement, your item.

This content of game will be upgraded usually.
Nice time to train your character now.

1. Item upgrading system.
- You can use Ancient Jewel to upgrade your item level such as armor, weapon, shield, pendant and ring up to 15, each level has different graphic effect.
- You can use lots of Rune to add more options to your item to increase your item power.

2. Quest system.
- In order to receive more attribute point, skill point, coin, exp or lucky item, you have to do quest.
- There are many kind of quest: kill boss, hunting, find quest item.

3. Event system.
- Hell Forces is the main event in this world, you will fight with them to get quality items.
- Mini game, line up the Lucky Box to get it, you will have chance to get lucky item or coin.

4. Mobile friendly.
- This game is designed for mobile, nice graphic, great control and intelligent action.

5. Auto hunting.
- You can let your character find monster and attack them automatically (Best for mobile game).
- You just touch and watch, loot items, wait until level up.

6. Inventory and Warehouse.
- You will have lots of space to bring your items together.
- You will also have warehouse to exchange item between your characters.

7. Wing and Craft system.
- You can hunt the Sign of Dove to create wing.
- In order to create wing, you need 5M coins, 1 Golden Topaz, 1 Sign of Dove and 1 item+10 with 6 options or more.
- You can also use craft system to upgrade your item level up to 20.

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(30 reviews)
A Google User avatar
A Google User
March 25, 2019

game is way too grindy after lvl 60 (and not in a fun way; due in part to mob type/density) - you need exp boosts to [feasibly] progress at all, which cost real money... make it so gems drop from mobs, or exp buffs drop or something, or, you know, give us gems for forcing us to watch ads when swapping characters. also, add passives to the knight skill tree because exclusively damage skills are so boring. I quit playing after unlocking the magicknight class (btw, one of the skills in their tree does not function correctly - don't remember the name of it... I think it was called "Prayer"). the game suffers from boring itemization, a brutal upgrade system, and poorly designed progression.

Reply :
Thanks for playing game, this game will always be upgraded, Master Skill, Aden zone, new item, new charm...
March 25, 2019
A Google User avatar
A Google User
February 27, 2019

it wont let me equip my new wepon

Reply :
Hi, what's weapon name, and what is your character type? Could you review the strength, dexterity attribute and which character class does your weapon use for?
February 27, 2019
AinzOoalGown Nazarick avatar
AinzOoalGown Nazarick
April 14, 2019

what i like about this game is the gameplay which is more relaxing while your in the mountain.

Reply :
Thanks for playing game, have fun.
April 14, 2019
angelo dejesus avatar
angelo dejesus
April 11, 2019

for me i love the game

Arianne Alagos avatar
Arianne Alagos
May 11, 2019


Beee Book avatar
Beee Book
April 26, 2019

please add, ad preview so that we can earn free diamonds

Reply :
thanks for playing, we'll add it soon. Have fun.
April 26, 2019
Black Petal avatar
Black Petal
May 2, 2019

Oh... Men so far it is the best classic rpg.. Grinding, quest and friendly controls... I remember MU in this game. Even im not yet done with the world map I hope next time thier will be more map and different items.. And nice if you include the helmet.. Hehehe full star from me..

Reply :
Thanks for playing game, we have plan to add helmet and 5th character. This game is usually updated, so new item, new boss, quest will be included through each version.
May 2, 2019
Corgirian avatar
March 4, 2019


Daniel S avatar
Daniel S
May 25, 2019

"Classic" in regards to RPG is a bit misleading (I was expecting something mostly turnbased), and I downloaded this not realizing it was a side-scrolling ARPG. That said, there were still things that were unclear, e.g. items having same icons and different stats (along with icon changing directions when equipped) made it hard to tell if weapons I picked up were the same or different, and occasionally auto hunt would go right when there were still enemies on screen.

Dũng Bùi Xuân avatar
Dũng Bùi Xuân
May 24, 2019


Đình Tuấn Nguyễn avatar
Đình Tuấn Nguyễn
February 19, 2019


James Norris avatar
James Norris
January 30, 2019

it good game

Jason Alexander Miano avatar
Jason Alexander Miano
March 20, 2019

this game is good IMO my only problem is when your playing ranger or mage and u activate auto combat they will go close to the enemy and then attack which lets the enemy hit you unlike other games u can attack at a distance using auto combat other than that good game. :)

Reply :
Thank you very much, ranger and mage auto combat will be improved in next version. Have fun ❤️
March 20, 2019
Javellana Brian avatar
Javellana Brian
May 11, 2019

stuck at black screen then auto close, pls fix

Reply :
Thanks for interesting. We’ll check it
May 12, 2019
Jinzs234 Badboy234 avatar
Jinzs234 Badboy234
February 22, 2019

add pvp guild dungeon thank you

Reply :
Thanks for playing, we will add it
February 23, 2019
John Cunanan avatar
John Cunanan
May 11, 2019

Best rpg game i played. loved it. i just have one request. can you add an auto sort (by item lvl) that would be helpful

Reply :
Thanks for playing and good idea, we will add it soon.
May 12, 2019
Kenneth Dela Cruz avatar
Kenneth Dela Cruz
May 10, 2019

Hello. How can I create a wing? I dont understand what you mean with '6 options or greater'. I have all the recipe except for that.

Reply :
Use 6 different runes to upgrade item, item will have 6 options (6 line of blue text)
May 10, 2019
Kenneth marl Toledo avatar
Kenneth marl Toledo
May 17, 2019

coolest game ever

Reply :
thanks for playing, have fun
May 17, 2019
Master Gamer V avatar
Master Gamer V
March 30, 2019

Add offline multi-player please

Reply :
Good idea, we will add in next version, thanks for playing?
March 30, 2019
Nanah Naku avatar
Nanah Naku
April 28, 2019

Sir.. Theres a bug on mage. the buff "MANA SHIELD" doesnt give defense at all. pls fix. thanks.

Reply :
Hi Nanah, could you capture a screenshot of your character attribute dialog and send us via gnik.box@gmail.com
April 21, 2019