Voice Notepad -Mobility Notes Organizer & Recorder

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Developer - KSK Apps Studio
Version - 1.0.2
Installs - 100,000+
Updated - 14.02.2019
Voice notepad app convert voice to text quickly with multiple translation.


Voice Notepad -Mobility Notes Organizer & Recorder allow you to manage time and accomplished multiple tasks. Quick create notes with voice in all languages and multiple translations. Set task with reminder and get alerts on special multiple days. Make planning with to do list and plan your day. Use the checklist widget format and type a description with voice for daily task. Just speak words with sticky voice notes it detect soundnote on the notepad with recognize voice. Dictate any words with audio transcription device dictation app. Colorful sticky notepad is helpful during driving, travelling, communicating, and social networking to write any information on the notepad with speech words. It detect the pronounce words with spelling and quickly detect the verbal translation and gives result in text form. Note pad is really helpful app for those who want to get rid to write paper work it can create your paper note just with voice. Pocket notepad create individual notes perfectly and write script accurately with voice. Notebook diary convert audio to text form. Listen all the written text which will be pronounce correctly Sticky Voice Notes is a digital notepad to make to-do lists for lectures and important meeting notes and organize events or remember special day. Write content with voice through simple Speaking Notepad Application has attractive and stylish buttons with easy-to-use editor screen and automatic functionality of saving notes allows to capture and organize your ideas and managed text to open, edit, delete, rename. Easily customize your notes and label them with an array of different colors. Voice input notes transcribe your thoughts quickly with input note. Edit voice typing result like with note-taking app. When you're editing the notes in the text view, you can insert speech anywhere in the text, and even undo the last speech input if it didn't turn out right. Easily translate your words with audio to text converter app.
Voice Note app is very useful for students, doctors and journalist. Create notes with the help of voice command and edit notes easily with voice. Record important data in the notepad file. Make your smart phone as translating device with the voice translating text note app. Free app is very simple just go on the create notes and select the voice notes and speak words to get the text in the written form. Text converter and speech to text online recognition app save the text into your device and you just share that file with your contacts. Voice typing all languages detect voice quickly to write long texts and articles. Download Speaking Notepad Application free in your android phone and enjoy this app free. Quick writing notes support the multiple languages to translate the words in the written form. Application can be very useful when you want to communicate someone in their native language with writing notepad app. Listen your voice just tap on speaker button to listen what you have typed.
- Supported speech recognition with multiple languages.
- Clear text with voice generator.
- Accurate pronunciation.
- Supports male and female voice options with different accents.
- Reduces spelling errors mistakes.
- Control pitch and speed of voice.
- Share, export & print in one click.
- Auto capitalization & spacing.
- Auto saves on every change.
- Edit text notes easily.

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(112 reviews)
0312 3333063 avatar
0312 3333063
April 18, 2019

it is very nice application voice notepad because it can very quickly work so i like it and u do also

Abdul Latif avatar
Abdul Latif
April 27, 2019

Voice Notepad is good app

Abdullah Asif avatar
Abdullah Asif
April 27, 2019

Pocket notepad create individual notes perfectly and write script accurately with voice.

Abid Raza avatar
Abid Raza
April 27, 2019

voice notepad is a nice and wonderful for Android users.

Afzal Faisal avatar
Afzal Faisal
April 25, 2019

Voice Notepad App - Quick Translate Text Notes the brilliant application and wonderful work and very easy use all android phones working I'm so happy hurry up guys free download this app

Ahmadnurshafiq Ahmadnurshafiq avatar
Ahmadnurshafiq Ahmadnurshafiq
April 22, 2019


Ahsan Ali avatar
Ahsan Ali
April 24, 2019

This is really perfect application for android phone and I like it these Best Voice Notepad App - Quick Translate Text Notes And please install this app and enjoy

Allah malkh Allah malkh avatar
Allah malkh Allah malkh
April 24, 2019

this is very good app i like this app very much it is so intersting app i love this very much it is benificial

Allina Wood avatar
Allina Wood
April 25, 2019

Voice Notepad very nice app I love to use this app Very easy To use This App Very intresting app Its Has many option with different Buttons

Amjad Ullah avatar
Amjad Ullah
April 19, 2019

This application is very awesome It can keep receiving your speech and convert to text. Note down and remind you later at the time you set.

Amy Dewberry avatar
Amy Dewberry
April 27, 2019

this app wanted me to continue downloading apps just to use the app horrible horrible app

April 19, 2019

voice notepad mobility notes organizer and recorder.. its very awesome and useful application easily save your notes in recording format.. its good

Arman Siddiqui avatar
Arman Siddiqui
May 15, 2019

nice app

Asad Khan avatar
Asad Khan
April 24, 2019

Voice Notepad -Mobility Notes Organizer & Recorder is very useful & helpful application. It work very well. I like it.

asad meo avatar
asad meo
April 25, 2019

Voice Notepad -Mobility Notes Organizer & Recorder is very good & useful application for us. It works very well. I really like this application.

Ashar Meo avatar
Ashar Meo
April 24, 2019

very useful and Amazing app. i can easily find my notes with voice . great working app

Ashish Pattanayak avatar
Ashish Pattanayak
April 27, 2019

very good app with multi tasking options

Asim Abbas 5 avatar
Asim Abbas 5
April 23, 2019

Voice Notepad is very useful application. I like the app. It's ver easy to use.

Aslam Aloo Khaan avatar
Aslam Aloo Khaan
April 19, 2019

voice note pad is a great app and different idea and it's development, great work!

Ati Mamo avatar
Ati Mamo
April 27, 2019

Pocket notepad create individual notes perfectly and write script accurately with voice.